3 simple ways to find free Keynote templates in 2018

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To shine in your game, you’ll need many skills, one of which will be your presentation skills. All things considered, it is through presentations that you talk and carry your message to your crowd, be it personal staff or business clients. If you don’t know how to sell your belief, it may be troublesome for you to catch your customers’ attention or to hold your business partners engaged.


While some want to get insight from Keynote professionals and then build their own layouts, most of us naturally desire to get direct access to pre-made Keynote themes. If you don’t know what is Keynote, take a look here


To help you acquire your partners trust with your Keynote skills, I’ve browsed the web for the best Keynote templates, which will help you to succeed and achieve your presentation aims much easier. Here are free Keynote themes that will blow your audience away by the information you deliver.


Keynote Template

There are numerous free Keynote websites, but most of them offer too basic templates. KeynoteTemplate.com provides fresh and modern themes for free. You will find many Keynote layouts, assets, graphs, and charts, that are completely free to download. Just select the free Keynote format you like, press download and unzip the document to your computer. You will discover .keynote file alongside free font used. These high-quality themes will save you many hours and make your Keynote presentations look more classy and elegant.


Google Images/Bing Images/Yahoo Search


You may have used Google or Bing to get Keynote template that you were after, but did you try to use Google Images instead of Google Search? They show photos of various Keynote themes, just be sure to write an exact keyword of the template you are looking for, e.g. blue Keynote template. And then you will see lots of specific models right in front of you. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all use a different complex search engine, so you will get mixed results when examining these.




Yes, you heard it right. PowerPoint is popular Microsoft program for creating presentations. But you can use these themes not only for Windows; you can open these on your Mac too. Just open them with Apple Keynote and modify as you wish.

You may have found an ideal template for your topic, but always understand, it is only a part of your performance. An excellent Keynote presentation should not singly rely on the design, but rather should be captivating and enjoyable to follow and accept. A magnificent Keynote show is like a good story, a story that attaches to people.


Good luck!

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